May 22

Paradise Circus Live – A Brief Review

So, Paradise Circus Live at the Mac! We had no idea what to expect to be honest (shows based on books or films generally do ok) but it’s not often you see a show based on a website that’s then described as a show, based on a website, that’s a radio show, but for a live audience.

The setting is what you would call intimate; the smallest of stages housed a keyboard player (Mark Steadman), a dedicated SFX guy (Danny Smith) and the three leads: Jon Bounds, Craig Hamilton and Jon Hickman. So could they pull of this ambitious routine? Could they reproduce in person the satire they manage so well on their website and Twitter account?

What do you think?

We pretty much laughed out loud all the way through! Artisan food via the medium of Dr Zeuss, the No.11 bus song, board games based on Birmingham and, of course, endless mentions of LoB and Birmingham City Council (and rightly so). Mentions also for Impact Hub, Dave Chinn from the History Forum, the Archers and pretty much every area of Birmingham.

A special mention has to go the keyboard player for his musical interludes. Firstly his song about a girl he fancied who worked at a sandwich shop in Digbeth. Secondly, his song about his steamy love affair with a zombie, and finally his keyboard skills as the whole cast and audience finished the night off with a rousing rendition of ELO’s Mr Blue Sky. This was a fantastically funny evening, all of the cast played their parts amazingly well. It really does deserve its own radio show –maybe they could appear on BRMB or whatever it’s called now?


You missed the show, but you can still buy the book here!