May 08

Purnell’s Cocktail Competition

What better place than Ginger’s Bar at Purnell’s Bistro for a fabulous cocktail? They have a fantastic cocktail menu served up by some of the best bar staff in Birmingham.

All the classics we love are there, the Mojito, the Bloody Mary the Old Fashioned, and as you would expect from Purnell’s they have a Birmingham based section on the cocktail list. It features the Priestley’s Pop, the Brumble and the John Bright’s Treat amongst others. As good a cocktail menu as it is though its sadly lacking one thing, the Brumpic cocktail, here’s where you come in.

Brumpic and Purnell’s would like you to devise the Brumpic cocktail, we’re looking for a recipe that represents and has meaning to Birmingham. The winning cocktail recipe, as chosen by Purnell’s, will win a signed Glynn PurnellCracking Yolks and Pig Tails‘ book and also be invited in to Ginger’s Bar to make the cocktail that they have designed. The Brumpic cocktail will then be added to the Purnell’s cocktail list for a couple of weeks for everybody else to taste!

Competition now closed

For further information about Purnell’s Bistro take a look at their website or follow them on Twitter


*Competition will close on Saturday 23rd May and the winner will be notified shortly after

*Entrants must be 18+