March 29

101 Things Bham Gave the World

This is the book that proves that Birmingham is not just the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, but the cradle of civilisation.

From the team behind hit Birmingham miscellany, Paradise Circus, comes the definitive guide to the 101 things that made the world what it is today – and all of them were made in Birmingham.

Read how Birmingham gave the world the wonders of tennis, nuclear war, the Beatles, ‘that smell of eggs’ and many more… 97 more. “101 Things Birmingham Gave The World, is not a Birmingham of the memory. It is a living breathing thing, wrestling with the city’s contradictions, press-ganging the typically arch and understated humour of the Brummie, and an army of little-known facts, both trivial and monumental, into reshaping its confusing reputation.” Stewart Lee

Available to buy here on Kindle or in paperback


‘Fantastic book for all lovers of humour, pub quiz facts, or just Birmingham itself, although being a Brummie is not a prerequisite for enjoyment of 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World. Buy a copy for yourself, one for your nan, and another for your milkman. Even when you get funny looks from laughing out loud while reading it on the train, you still won’t regret it. Long live Birmingham. Bab.’

‘What I think is best described as “creative non-fiction”. It’s funny. It’s also educative, although – thankfully – not in a GCSE kind of way. It’s disrespectfully respectful (I think). It should be bought. It should be exported.’

‘Five years ago, during an ill-fated soiree into the world of stand up comedy, I did a routine about Birmingham and the things it had given the world. I blathered on about Brylcreem and microwave ovens, the Football League and plastic, but the crowd in that tiny pub in Cradley Heath just weren’t ready for the truth. Being a largely terrible set probably didn’t help, either, but luckily, five years on, Craig Hamilton, Jon ‘Bounds’ Bounder and Jon ‘Hickman’ Et Al have released the astonishingly funny, informative, and true story of 101 things Birmingham has blessed the world with. From going to the pictures to Batman, eugenics to karaoke, you’ll marvel at just how ace and inventive the Brummie race are. Some bloke called Stewart Lee (he co-created David Brent, or something) has written a foreword that will make you cry, make you think, make you realise how ace the city was, is, and will continue to be.’

 ‘Buy this book! It is irreverent, informative and laugh-out-loud hilarious. I haven’t lived in Brum for 35 years; but saw this book take wing through a kickstarter campaign. I now have my copy half way around the world; and it was worth the wait. Now I’m remembering things about all these places from my past. Good Lord, I think I might even miss the accent.’

101 Things