February 27

Competition (closed)

Dorothy is a design studio based in Manchester and set up in 2010 by Ali, Phil and Jim – a brummie, a scouser and a mancunian.

This might sound like the start of a very bad ‘dad’ joke but it does help explain why Birmingham features so prominently in their Lost Destination series of litho prints  that celebrate some of their favourite brutalist buildings and construction projects from the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

There are currently ten prints in series including Birmingham’s own Central Library, Spaghetti Junction and New Street Signal Box.

Love or loathe them, Dorothy thinks there’s something very poignant about these buildings which were once destinations in their own right, but whose greatness overtime has largely been forgotten, and in some cases like Birmingham Central Library demolished

Lost Destination prints are available from here for £35 each plus P&P.