December 13

Merry Christmas #brumxmas

It’s difficult for me to understand the meaning of Christmas anymore. The whole setup of Christmas has changed beyond recognition from the ones I remember when growing up in the late 70s.

As a father now myself, I’ve spent years trying to recreate for my son those magical Christmas days I had, but to no avail. I haven’t even come close. I sit with my son and try to explain why they were so special and he looks at me like my lights have gone out. I start with the basics: the Christmas wrapping paper that had the consistency of tissue paper, the Radio Times, Live and Let Die on ITV, the bowl of nuts and box of dates that nobody ever ate and got put away with the rest of the decorations in January (we had the same unopened pack of dates for 8 years), Shandy Bass, advent calendars with no chocolate, the makeshift seats around the dining table that meant your nan was 3ft above everybody else whilst your dad looked like ‘Wot no Beanz’, bone dry turkey dinners, proper Boxing Day sales where all the women in the house left en masse for the whole day and the supermarkets actually closed for more than 24hrs.

In hindsight things probably weren’t that amazing compared to what we have now, but that just shows that the beauty of Christmas isn’t about the great big huge things that we save all year for, it’s about the small things. The things that time doesn’t change. The priceless things that no amount of money can buy. It’s about the sense of belonging, family, love, and most of all it’s about other people. I recently read somewhere that 4 million people will be alone this Christmas, so please make sure you don’t know one of them. If you do then drop in on them, send them a card, remember them.

We’ve had so much support across all of our accounts and website in the last 12 months, we thank every last one of you, we feel truly blessed. Thank you.

We wish all of our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Love David & Melanie xx



Many thanks to all those of you that tweeted us a #brumxmas pic – The winner of the mug is @matteemoo – please email us your contact details.