October 01

The Images of Geoff Dowling

Regardless of the decade we grew up in, us Brummies have a huge appetite for nostalgia, and a fierce love for the city we remember from our childhood, and as a result the Brumpic Twitter and Facebook accounts just keep growing in popularity.

Though we have now shared thousands of old images, there are a handful of photographers whose work really deserves a special mention; Phyllis Nicklin, John Ball, D.J. Norton and Geoff Dowling.

Geoff has captured a city long gone and all in amazing quality through the 50s, 60s and 70s.

‘I’ve always had a love of photography since the ownership of a 5/- Woolworth camera, given to me at the age of 6 by my father. Moving through several cameras and a growing love of the medium led to a career as a professional photographer lasting 40 years. I’ll photograph anything interesting but prefer transport and heritage built environment’

We are very grateful that Geoff has given us permission to show his photos on our social media accounts over the last year. We ask all readers to take some time out and visit Geoffs Flickr Page here and look at more of his amazing work.